Court Acceptance Guarantee Is A 100%?
AInstant Online Divorce has been in existence for the last 14 years and has successfully served over 600,000 clients. This is why we are sure that the forms prepared by us are acceptable by your local court as long as you follow the instructions provided correctly. In cases where the forms prepared by us are not accepted in your court it is always our duty to make changes in accordance to your court’s requirement without further charges. In very circumstances, you find we are unable to correct the situation the full amount is refunded.
Not A Form Warehouse
AInstant Online Divorce speacializes with divorce documents only. We are not a legal document warehouse. Forms are amended time to time and changes are made throughout the country. Customers are informed of the changes before they use the forms.
Up To Date and Legal
AAll divorce forms are either authorized by, or accepted by your state. They are legal and accepted without much ado by your local courts. If they are not accepted, we correct them at no charge.
Service Experience
APerhaps. If you and your spouse are still on relatively cordial terms with one another, often times a mediator can help provide the final nudges needed to come to an agreement. Additionally, using a mediator is usually far cheaper than an attorney, and some states require mediation as a precursor to divorce finalization.
Fast And Cost Effective
ADue to our fast and accurate divorce preparation software, we offer services at $139 allowing our customers to save up to $5,000 in legal fee.


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