What to do if infidelity comes to my relationship? How or when to walk away after infidelity? Should I divorce my cheating wife? Should I forgive him/her or separate? Everyone might have these hundreds of questions in their minds when you find out about your partner’s infidelity.

When to walk after infidelity? Read the whole article to get acknowledged. Be honest with yourself while reading this article, then it will become easier to find a solution to your problem.

Divorce statistics:

How the infidelity and divorce relate to each other? Gallup Poll has provided the infidelity statistics after marriage that almost 62% of spouses declare that they will leave their partner if they cheated and the 31% will continue the marriage and they will not view it as a problem.

The most common reason to divorce is that approx. 87-88% of the women declared that the reason they got divorce of being cheated by their husband. That means that adultery is only considered by only one of them and the other one does not value loyalty.

Does adultery affect divorce?

Adultery ruins the relationship. You must have to deal with the issue otherwise it will raise the marital problems more. Before making a decision about infidelity and divorce (it can also impact family problems) must analyze the traps that lead to cheating before considering your partner unfaithful. So decide the divorce after infidelity, you have to analyze all the factors before ending the relationship.

Analyzing the situation which leads to adultery sometimes become difficult for people. It can also become an emotional situation for some people who cannot think straight. Some people consider only logical reasons and deny their feelings which can also result in psychology. Keep that in mind that feelings do not depend on rights and wrongs, so do not be judgmental of yourself for non-logical reasons.

Signs when to walk away after infidelity:

To get fully assured of when to walk away after infidelity, review the following broken relationship signs. Some people consider that cheating causes the end of the relationship. What you will do and what will be your actions about your future partner’s cheating? This might confuse you. There can also be many more reasons for an arranged marriage, for example, financial issues. Just do not care about the reasons, time will pass and will heal your wounds!

But the chances of divorce are higher after the infidelity. It requires extra effort to deal with infidelity. Cheating can be a get-up call for you to take action; to stay together, or to separate after infidelity, it is upon you. You should not ignore this otherwise, it will become complex.

Following are some signs that when to walk away after infidelity:

  • Note that if your spouse is keeping blaming you and not agreeing with smooth communication then it is a sign that she is trying to manipulate that divorce is the best option after infidelity.
  • Your spouse might show themselves as a victim and you are responsible for all the circumstances. This defence might mean a lack of responsibility, so be aware of your partner that he/she might be playing a game.
  • If your partner is not providing clear details that why they cheated, this is a bad sign. This stonewalling is for raising guilt and fooling the partner. It will also lead you to think that it was a misunderstanding. Being offensive, ignorant, and defensive of your partner are the ways to go through infidelity and divorce statistics.
  • Is your partner presenting more warning signs except cheating? For example sarcasm, disrespect, or mocking? Be careful about your partner’s reactions and behaviour. These actions may cause difficulty reconciling. So you should note down your partner’s behaviour and do not contain predictions.
  • It is also a fact that some people cannot find about that their partner has ceased contact with their secret lover. It will cause many problems, especially if the workplace for both is the same, or partner is still in touch with a lover will affect your relationship the most. The rebuild of trust will be difficult and divorce because of adultery.
  • Giving second chance to a partner is possible but if your partner is caught cheating the second time then it is important to end the marriage. If your partner includes a cheating history then do not waste time on him/her who will never change.
  • When to walk away after infidelity if you have children? Will you stay together for your kids? If you don’t, how to tell the kids about divorce? The decision depends on you but it is hard to maintain the marriage and you and your partner often fight. In this case, separating is a better option. Kids will also find out you are both happy livings separately as compared to their daily arguments.
  • Cheating might disappoint you and spoil your happiness but think and ask yourself that were you satisfied by the marriage before. Now, you have to be honest with yourself that were you happy or satisfied before the cheating? And after you have separated and did not participate in each other’s lives, adultery happened. But let’s move to the past; were you happy before the separation? If not, why don’t you try to adjust yourself to new life?
  • If you are still struggling with personal issues and past when your loved one cheated on you, it is better not to start a relationship again until you have fully recovered. You can also contact a therapist which will bring you to your normal life again. So be yourself and build a new and happy future.


I hope that these tips and signs will be helpful for you to make a correct decision. It is upon you to fix your marriage again and again and waste your life because he/she is not going to change, or start a new life? Well, I wish you to live a happy life forever!