Ways to know its time to divorce

Marriage is a commitment in which most people tie the knot without spending time and thinking about it which results in turbulence. Relationships do not go straight every time, no matter how long you have been married, you can experience ups and downs. Many people tend to contemplate divorce by looking at the tensions, frustration, lack of emotions and infidelity, circumstances, and future considerations. There are many reasons that lead people to get a divorce, but each one doesn’t need to be valid. Divorcing your partner with whom you have spent time is actually draining and painful task but living with the wrong partner can never make you happy.

Obviously, there are many signs that show your marriage is going to the end. This article describes different ways to help you know that it’s time to get a divorce and initiate a new life.

Is there really a right time to get a divorce?

A divorce can change one’s life entirely. Marriage is about commitment, sharing assets, sharing names, trust, and building a family. The right time for divorce cannot be predicted easily, if your marriage life is unbearable and you are fed up with your partner, can set child support and get their custody, and you are independent enough to live without your partner then you can get rid of that relationship easily. Still, I will say it’s all about your own decision, how strongly you are willing to do that.

Try your best to consolidate all the issues with your partner, go for marriage counselling, take the advice of an expert, give space to each other to think again, take religious concepts into account, and improve romance to make your marriage work. If it didn’t then here are some ways to know you can take a break from that relationship.

1.      You start to feel self-doubt and not supported by your husband

When your partner does not give you priority and degrade you then you start questioning yourself. When your thoughts are not supported by your own partner and you are criticized by him always, then do make some space, if their behavior does not change then you can think about getting a divorce rather than feeling insignificant and doubting your abilities. What to do with that relationship if your partner does not look into himself first, make a compromise for you, listen to you, and does not try to work things out. This is the indication that he/she is not willing to go forward. Then it would be your time to decide.

2.      Your partner is no longer making efforts for you

Marriage is all about co-operation, both sides make effort to keep their relationship working. It’s the responsibility of only one side. From major to minor issues, and normal conversations, it requires partners to sit and discuss, but it can’t happen if your partner is not willing to participate.

3. You no longer need to make efforts for  your partner

Efforts in relationships go for both parties, if you no longer need to communicate with your partner and discuss then you can get a lawyer for a divorce. It is possible that you are tired enough by making efforts and now want to resent or maybe you think it’s the fault of your partner, not yours. Of course, when you are not willing to resolve your marriage issues, it’s a sign of wanting separation.

4.     Your relationship lack intimacy

Lack of intimacy is a warning sign for a number of problems. Intimacy plays an important part in marriage which keeps the partner connected. It’s the normal feeling of closeness and fondness with your partner. Lack of intimacy is when people withdraw emotions for one another, and no longer need another person. If your partner is not willing to cuddle, have sex, and spend time, then there are chances that he/she can be interested in someone else. But it can’t be the only reason, maybe your marriage is not working, and tensions and complexities in it make him/her fed up with you.

5. Financial Problems

About 21 percent of divorces are caused by financial issues. If partners do not support each other and agree on the same terms in spending and saving money, then they are most likely to get divorced. Spending enough money and demanding higher than your affordability can lead to thinking of getting separated.

6. You do not get along with the family and friends of your partner

When your partner does not give you enough time and asks you to socialize with his/her friends and participate in parties without knowing your will, then it’s time to get rid of that relationship. Sometimes your partner is only busy with his family and friends, and you feel is lonely. And on the other hand, your spouse’s family tries to control you and distract your spouse, then it’s an alarming sign of divorce.

7.  A relationship is not the first priority

Your partner is too busy with his work and is not investing in his/her relationship. The reasons for this are various, he/she can de be distracted by kids, hobbies, work, business, and friends. It is most important to be a good parent, but usually, couples forgot that they also need to be a good partner and invest in each other for running their relationships. But if someone is purposefully stretching the rope then you can make things clear by getting the divorce.

8. Domestic abuse is occurring

Physically tortured and manipulated emotions can also lead to divorce. When both partners or any of them are hurting each other physically and mentally, then their chances of divorce are irreconcilable. It is confusing to decide when to get a divorce when you are subjected to the issue of domestic abuse. Maybe your partner is mentally ill and you need to take care of him/her. Or maybe he is not interested in you anymore and wants you to leave first by doing so.


A happy marriage comprises mutual understanding, trust, spending time, investing in each other, willingness to be vulnerable, and support. If any of those factors is missing you gradually lose interest in your partner and a time comes when you want to get separated from him/her. Sometimes efforts from both parties, counseling for marriage, and advice can save a relationship. In this article, I have described 8 main ways to help you decide on getting a divorce.