How to get a divorce while pregnant

The procedure of divorce is the name of complications and difficulties. You have to deal with it mentally and emotionally. The main problems usually rise is related to the division of property, or child custody but if one of the spouses is pregnant at the time of divorce the process of divorce is even harder.

The waiting period for a baby is very special for every woman but it creates extra problems when the expecting parents want to break up. According to the law of Texas, a couple can’t get divorced until the baby is born. It takes a very long time to finalize a divorce in this situation.

Filing for divorce while pregnant in Texas

As previously mentioned, the law of Texas doesn’t allow a couple to get divorced while pregnant. But you start the procedure of divorce. In this way, you can save the time of almost 4 to 6 months and can get a divorce immediately once the baby comes into the world.

The state of Texas allows the divorce-seeking couple to begin with the process of divorce when pregnant. You are required to go through the process of mediation and reach an agreement to avoid complications later.

To start the process, in the first step, you and your spouse need to prepare documents for filing the petition for divorce with the local court. Here is the list of documents you and your spouse need while proceeding with the divorce procedure:

  • Original Petition for Divorce (In this form, you both have to answer questions about the pregnancy and paternity)
  • Summons
  • Waiver of service
  • Divorce Decree
  • Other forms

The preparation of these documents can be too long and boring. If you want to make the process faster then go you can go for the option of customized online divorce documents preparation service. They are very common and less expensive procedures.

While you are preparing for the documents, also make arrangements for the custody of the child with your spouse. You can take assistance from anyone who is offering a parenting plan.

Complications of divorce during pregnancy in Texas

There are several difficulties you can face while getting a divorce if you or your spouse is pregnant. The baby that is coming into this world soon can affect your life in many ways.  You will not be able to resolve it by yourself.

Start processing as sooner as you can to get back freedom and comfortable life. You may also face a financial crisis in the whole process of getting a divorce.

Child support issues

The issues of child custody and child support cannot be resolved until the baby is born. Some states finalize the divorce before the arrangement of custody but in Texas, the judge does not announce the final decision until all the aspects are addressed.

The arrangement of child support is not important for a husband when he says that he is not the biological father of the child. According to the law of Texas, both parents need to support their children financially.

The amount of child support is decided by court depending on the monthly income of both the spouses and the number of children unless if husband denies about it paternity.

Waiting period

There are 60 days waiting period from the date of filing the petition, according to the law of Texas for all types of divorce. This time period of two months is given to every couple seeking divorce if they can give second chance to their marriage.

For the couples who are separating because of domestic violence then it’s up to them whether they want to spend or bypass the waiting period.

You can bypass your waiting only if:

  • Your spouse is involved in any kind of crime (involving domestic against you, your child or any of your family members)
  • If you have protective order on the basis of violence against you, from your spouse.

You still can’t get a divorce immediately when the waiting period is over.  It will take 2 or more than two months to finalize your divorce especially if you and your spouse don’t agree on things.

Financial difficulties

You may face an extreme level of financial crisis after the arrival of a child in this world. Along with the expanses of children you have to pay the fees of lawyer and the fees of legal services.

If there’s any disagreement between you and your spouse then you may need to hire an attorney which fees start from $200! Single parenting is also very difficult for the mother and father both. We can’t calculate the amount needed for child support. It depends upon the following factors:

  • Whether the custodial parent takes time off work to raise the child;
  • The cost of childcare and daily essentials;
  • The child’s health and special needs, etc.

Budget planning for meeting the needs of children is a very important factor. You need to make sure if the child is given the necessary care and support after getting divorced. Also, think about the option of alimony as you need to take care of a baby and can’t manage earnings.

Issues related to divorce when wife is pregnant with another man’s child:

This condition is not so common that if the wife is pregnant if another man’s child. In this case, you need to take few extra steps. The process of divorce will end once a child comes into this world. You must resolve all the problems in advance to avoid more delays with any professional lawyer.

Should we file for divorce while pregnant?

Definitely no, we understand that every couple has personal issues and problems related to their relationship. As you can see how complicated the process of divorce is. It’s the better option to solve problems between you and your spouse and raise your child happily.

In other cases, avail yourself the opportunity of starting the process of getting a divorce while your wife is pregnant and save yourself from wasting a lot of time.